Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried that I am too slow to join a running group. Will I hold everyone back?

Please don’t let this hold you back from starting. Remember that everyone has been the ‘new’ runner and we all understand that you will be nervous. We have runners who are all at different paces and abilities, you go at your own pace. We pride ourselves on our motto of Start Together, Finish Together. Everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable.

What can I expect at each session?

(Start Together) Warm up: drills, stretching, easy jog for 5-10min
The main session – completed at your own pace as set in training plan
(Finish Together) Cool down: easy jog or walk until everyone returns from main set

Do I need to run at events to be able to join?

No you don’t. Just Run With It is about joining others to share the love of running.

Do I have to be a runner with JRWI to do the strength sessions?

The strength sessions are programmed for the individual rather than for the group.

I don’t want to join in with the group runs, can I run on my own and still get a training plan?

Yes, you can. On-line coaching is available if you live outside of Yeppoon. You can even be a member of another recreational running group and still receive the benefits of a training plan that can accommodate your own run groups sessions. Perhaps a one on one session is more appealing to what you need.

Start running, stay running