Think running isn’t for you? Think again.

Running isn’t about how far you run, and it’s not about how fast you run. Running is about how it makes you feel. Let me help you make a start.


Start a new adventure

Are you envious of your friends who run regularly and (gasp) seem to enjoy it?
Do you secretly want to join in but think you’re too old, too unfit or too injured to give it a go?
Does participating in the many local running events sound like fun but you’re too scared you might come last?
Maybe you think training with a coach is too unaffordable or time-consuming?

It’s time to let me help you.

It’s more than just running

When you join Just Run With It, you don’t just get a program. You get your own cheer squad and support crew. Of course, if you’d rather train on your own, that’s ok – but you’ll miss out on the group’s post-run coffees (and they’re the best bit!).

With me, you have the choice of joining group sessions, training on your own, or a mix of both. It’s completely up to you!

find the right fit

Session Types

Adult Running Sessions

From beginners to the seasoned runner, all are welcome, supported and encouraged!

Mums n Bubs Pram Group

Learn how to run effectively with your pram.

Kids Sessions

Two types of running clubs catered to different needs and goals.

Strength Training

Designed to compliment your running and fit into your family and lifestyle commitments.

Personal Training

Working closely together to achieve your goals.

Start running, stay running